“Applying the SOA Model to Libraries” talk coming up at the U-Windsor “Future of the Integrated Library System” symposium

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It is my honor and pleasure to be asked to speak at a one-day symposium called "The Future of the Integrated Library System" hosted by the University of Windsor on November 15, 2006. More information can be found at the symposium wiki. I have a one-hour talk with the title "Could We Do What They Are Doing? Applying the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Model to Libraries" that will build on the library-oriented SOA postings and comments made here last month. (And I do intend to get back to the series — after all, I need to draft a whitepaper for the OhioLINK Technical Advisory Council to write on that same topic as well!)

Two things brought this to mind today. First, a colleague from Miami U asked if he could get a copy of the presentation slides and notes ("Sure, as soon as they are done!"). Second, an odd oversized envelope arrived with an IBM return address in today's mail. Inside was a "IBM Limited Edition" excerpt of "Service Oriented Architecture For Dummies". I'm not quite sure what I did in this life or a past one to have received a nicely condensed goldmine of information, but based on the contents of this 66-page abridged edition I'll be making an investment in the full 350-some-odd page version. (Perhaps I just answered my own question about how it arrived on my doorstep — it is an effective marketing ploy. For any other marketers out there, I would be interested in a complementary reduced edition of an Apple iPod — perhaps you can win me over with a Nano or Shuffle... :-) ).

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