Sakai gets JSR-170 support; possible integration point with FEDORA?

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Earlier this year, I was on a quest to hook a FEDORA content repository into the Sakai collaboration and learning environment. What looked at first to be a fairly easy integration turned out to be rather complicated and I set the project aside for another time. Today brings word from Ian Boston of a JSR-170 implementation in Sakai:

During the Summer of 2006, I did a JSR-170 Implementation of ContentHostingService as a prototype against the then Trunk 2.2 ContentHostingService. The implementation took the ContentHostingService API and re-implemented it using JSR-170 under the covers. It was done in in such a way as to allow JSR-170 clients (eg WebDAV implementations) to use the JSR-170 API directly and still obey the Sakai AuthZ implementation.

JSR-170 - Project: Resources - Sakai Confluence

JSR 170, as you might recall, is the "specification for a Java platform API for accessing content repositories in a uniform manner." "JSR-170," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed November 8, 2006) What makes this implementation most interesting, I think, is Ian's last sentence — using a WebDAV implementation to speak directly to the JSR-170 content repository while taking into account the AuthZ settings in Sakai.

Now we need a JSR-170 implementation on top of FEDORA to complete the pairing. We'd want Sakai's AuthZ settings to be reflected in FEDORA's XACML rules, of course, the the mind boggles a bit about how to get this done, but hopefully we can get back to it again soon and see if we can make it work.

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