Thursday Threads

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Issue 100: Internet Governance

Posted on 8 minute read

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is just over a year old, and shortly after the war started there were calls to cut Russia off from the internet as a punitive ac...

Issue 97: Again with the AI Chatbots

Posted on 5 minute read

The hot technology in the news now is chatbots driven by artificial intelligence. (This specific field of artificial intelligence is “large language models”...

Issue 96: Metadata

Posted on 5 minute read

Metadata is at the core of what libraries do. (“metadata” is one of the most common tags on this here library technology blog.) We gather information about ...

Issue 94: Controlled Digital Lending

Posted on 6 minute read

E-books are a prominent theme looking back at a couple of year-end issues of DLTJ Thursday Threads. In 2010, a writer in Boston Review wondered about “books...

Issue 90: When Machine Learning Goes Wrong

Posted on 6 minute read

The People of Ukraine are not forgotten. The Tufts University newspaper published an article this week about a multinational effort to preserve the digital ...

Issue 77: New and Interesting from ALA Exhibits

Posted on 2 minute read

I’m just home from the American Library Association meeting in San Francisco, so this week’s threads are just a brief view of new and interesting things I fo...