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“Have you seen AccessMyLibrary?”

Posted on 3 minute read

I got a note recently from a colleague with the subject "Have you seen AccessMyLibrary?": This is a Thomson Gale new thing:

OhioLINK Joins the Google Summer of Code

Posted on 1 minute read

Google is sponsoring the Summer of Code, a program designed to introduce students to the world of Open Source Software Development. OhioLINK is pleased to p...

Fedora plus Sakai — not quite that easy

Posted on 1 minute read

In previous post I described to how easy it would be for Fedora to be integrated into Sakai and offered as reference the interface as evidence. ...

Fedora plus Sakai — a marriage made in heaven?

Posted on 2 minute read

Note -- there was a follow-up to this post. What happens when you mix two Mellon-funded projects? Perhaps a nice bit of what they call synergy. The thinkin...

Why Fedora? Because You Don’t Need Fedora

Posted on 2 minute read

I’m often asked “Why is OhioLINK using FEDORA?” (Just to eliminate any confusion at the start, I’m referring to the FEDORA Digital Object Repository, a proje...

Resources for Describing Visual Materials

Posted on 1 minute read

A recent thread on describing visual materials from the IMAGELIB mailing list sparked the descovery of these resources. First was this bibliography of thesa...

AJAX-based Video Editing Tool

Posted on less than 1 minute read

This is amazing stuff -- an AJAX-based video editing your web browser! I haven't looked at the underlying technology or it's licensing terms (the...

Berkeley’s “bSpace Images” project

Posted on less than 1 minute read

Word of this Fedora-based image collection tool comes from the Sakai Library & Repositiories discussion group [Sakai Collab account required]. Project N...