Voting open for Code4Lib 2009; Central Ohio is a candidate

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The Columbus Metropolitan Library, OCLC, and Ohio State University and OhioLINK have put in a bid as host site for the 2009 Code4Lib meeting. Code4Lib is an informal organization of self-selected librarians and technology professionals. It exists as a volunteer organization run by consensus of interested individuals. The meeting in 2009 will be the fifth fourth ((Thanks for the correction, Mike!)) face-to-face meeting of this group. Details of the central Ohio host location proposal are on the web at

Information about becoming a member of the Code4Lib community and voting in the host site selection process are included below.

The meeting is conducted in an "unconference" or "barCamp" format. It is a highly democratic style consisting of prepared talks, "lightning talks" (described below) and breakouts; the meeting schedule is divided almost equally between these three components. Prepared talks are 20 minutes long and are proposed by speakers prior to the meeting. Proposals are voted on by the entire Code4Lib community, and the highest ranking ones are slotted into the schedule. "Lightning talks" are 5 minutes long and are assigned on a first-come, first-scheduled basis at the start of the meeting. Prepared talks and lightning talks are presented to the entire attendee body (e.g. a single-track meeting); they are also usually recorded and published to the web after the meeting. Time slots for breakouts are built into the schedule and rooms are provided by the conference organizers. Attendees create breakout sessions at the meeting on any topic on a first-come, first-scheduled basis.

If you have any questions about Code4Lib in general or the central Ohio site proposal in particular, please let me know.

Code4Lib Host Site Voting Process

Adapted from a message by Mike Giarlo.

We received four very good proposals for hosting the 2009 conference, and now it is time to vote on them! Voting is open until 3am Eastern Time on Thursday, February 28th. We expect to announce results at the conference later that day.

How to vote:

  1. Go here:
  2. Log in using your credentials (register at if you haven't done so already)
  3. Click on a host's name to read the proposal in full
  4. Assign the proposal a rank from 0 to 3, 0 being least desirable and 3 being the most.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your rankings, click "Cast your ballot"

Feel free to watch for returns.

And as always, if you have questions or other feedback, let us know.


P.S. Your vote counts! Please keep the conference requirements and desirables in mind as you make your selection:

P.P.S. The election not powered by Diebold.

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