Five Years and Ten Months

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I reached a new milestone this month. A minor one in the grand scheme of things, but one worthy of a few remarks nonetheless. This month marks my longest tenure with an employer at five years and 10 months. I’ve now worked at Index Data longer than I had at OhioLINK a decade ago, and this has hardly felt like almost six years.

Seven employers in 31 years. All of it in library technology—one of the last places I thought I would land with an undergraduate degree in Systems Analysis. Seven doesn’t seem like a lot, but at almost all of them I thought “I could see myself completing my career here.” (This definitely feels true for my current employer.) But life intervened and a change was made…always for the better.

I’m so grateful for all of the people that mentored me and the couple that kicked my butt along the way (in retrospect, at least). Hopefully I’ve managed to give back in equal measure to those coming into the field.

Career history (as of today)

Logo for Index Data.
Open Source Community Advocate
Index Data · Jun 2016 - Present · 5 yrs 10 mos
Logo for Cherry Hill Company.
Dev/Ops Lead and Project Manager
The Cherry Hill Company · Aug 2015 - Dec 2016 · 1 yr 5 mos
Logo for LYRASIS.
Assistant Director, Technology Services Development
Lyrasis · Sep 2010 - Jun 2015 · 4 yrs 10 mos
Logo for OhioLINK.
Assistant Director, Multimedia Services; Assistant Director, New Service Development
OhioLINK · Jan 2005 - Sep 2010 · 5 yrs 9 mos
Logo for University of Connecticut.
Computer Services Librarian (Law School); Area Head for Library Information Technology Services; Assistant to the Director for Technology Initiatives
University of Connecticut · Feb 2000 - December 2004 · 4 yrs 11 mos
Logo for Case Western Reserve University .
Library Systems Manager
Case Western Reserve University · Jul 1995 - Feb 2000 · 4 yrs 8 mos
Logo for Miami University.
Library Systems Manager
Miami University · Jun 1991 - Jun 1995 · 4 yrs 1 mo