Video Tour of OPAC Discovery Layer Tools

In March, I gave a presentation at the NISO forum on Next Generation Discovery Tools: New Tools, Aging Standards. For those that were there, you may remember the bulk of the presentation was in the screencast tours of the functionality of 10 OPAC enhancement tools. Topping out at over 750MB, the presentation file was too big to share, but I promised to put together a combination of the presentation audio and the screencast videos in a much more manageable size. That video, along with a cleaned up version of the audio, is posted below.

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For more information about the presentation, including links to the 10 tools that were demonstrated, see the previous DLTJ post on the topic. Lastly, here are some links to the downloadable form of the presentations:

Thank you to the NISO staff for making the audio available.


4:10pm EDT: If you tried to watch the video prior to about 4pm EDT today (25-July-2008) and saw scrambled garbage about a quarter of the way through, please try again. In crunching the 11GB QuickTime file down to the 90MB Flash file, something went horribly wrong. The version uploaded this afternoon is better.

(This post was updated on 10-Sep-2011.)