Introducing “Planet Library SOA”

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I am pleased to announce the formation of Planet Library SOA -- an aggregation of blog postings and resources related to the application of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) software paradigm to library systems. You can follow the topic by reading the aggregation website, but the best way to follow along is by subscribing to one of the feeds (atom, rss1.0 or rss2.0) in your favorite newsreader. Those in the conversation at the beginning are Eric Schnell, Lorcan Dempsey, Richard Akerman, Stephen Anthony, and the Talis corporate blog. If you are looking for an introduction to the SOA topic with a slant towards library services, I humbly suggest you read my series on DLTJ starting with Defining “Service Oriented Architecture” by Analogy.

Adding Your Voice

If you publish on the same topic and would like to be added to the Planet Library SOA aggregator, please let me know:

Resources tagged with 'librarysoa' in will also appear in the aggregator.


Planet Library SOA is created using the Planet software -- a tool for aggregating and republishing RSS feeds. In the case where the contributor runs the WordPress software, Planet Library SOA subscribes to the RSS feed of a category or tag from that blog. In the case where the contributor runs the Movable Type software, a Yahoo! Pipe is used to extract SOA-related postings from the blog's general feed. (For example, see this Yahoo! Pipe for Lorcan Dempsey's blog. My gratitude goes out to Stephen Anthony for his example on how to get Yahoo! Pipes to extract content from feeds and Ryan Gallagher for a workaround to a bug in Pipes.)