Seeking a Tag for /The/ FEDORA

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Michael Giarlo and I have been having a comment conversation in the Fedora Disseminators to Enable Accessible Repository Content posting about coming up with a common tag to help us find each others stuff. I'll claim modest ignorance, as I did in the comments, to the social order surrounding tags, but would point out that it is unlikely that at the moment our use of the 'fedora' tag by itself would be drown out by its usage for a certain flavor of the Linux operating system.

So until the Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture is known as /the/ FEDORA, what convention should we use as a tag? "fedora-repository"? Kinda long. "fedora-repo"? Brings to mind a vision of a thug repossessing some geek's LAMP box. "fedora-info"? It works, is a link to the project website, but it doesn't really say much.

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