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I came across Jen Simmon's call for a #newwwyear by way of Eric Meyer:

Eric's goal:

I was definitely inspired by Eric's courage to do it live on his personal website (see this YouTube playlist). Watch him work without a net (and without a CSS compiler!). I also know that the layout for this blog is based on the WordPress Twenty-eleven theme with lots of bits and pieces added by me throughout the years. It is time for a #newwwyear refresh. Here is my plan.

1) I'll start January 1.
2) I'll convert 'dltj.org' from WordPress to a static site generator (probably Jekyll) with a new theme.
3) My deadline is January 13 (with a conference presentation in between the start and the end dates).

Along the way, I'll probably package up a stack of Amazon Web Services components that mimic the behavior of GitHub pages with some added bonuses (standing temporary versions of the site based on branches, supporting HTTPS for custom domains, integration with GitHub pull request statuses). I'll probably even learn some Ruby along the way.