Gentoo Abandons WordPress in Portage

I don’t think this has been widely announced, but while waiting for an update to Gentoo‘s portage entry for WordPress to cover the latest security and bug fixes, I discovered in the comments of a bug in Gentoo’s bugzilla database that they are making no effort to support WordPress on Gentoo. I think this is really a poor move on Gentoo’s part. As one of the bug commenters noted, “WordPress is, in general, a good product with an extremely active user community and good upstream maintenance.” 1

A GLSA was issued for WordPress vulnerabilities in March — problems that have since been fixed — with this ‘resolution’:

Due to the numerous recently discovered vulnerabilities in WordPress, this package has been masked in the portage tree. All WordPress users are advised to unmerge it.

Now I’ll admit that I should not be expecting updates to packages that have been hard masked, but really — is this any way to treat the world’s most popular blogging software? In any case, I’ve abandoned Gentoo’s ebuild for WordPress and have reverted to the Subversion method for updating a WordPress installation. So here is a heads-up to do something similar should you find yourself in the same situation.

[20070812T2046 update: The portage keepers bumped the version of WordPress to 2.2.2 in Portage yesterday.]


  1. Comment #16 on bug #168529 from Stephen Ulmer dated 2007-03-17 16:09:26 0000 []
(This post was updated on 12-Aug-2007.)