Charleston, SC Visitor’s Center A/V Display

First, sorry about this getting posted prematurely through the DLTJ blog. I was trying the post-from-Flickr function, and it was telling me that the posting wasn’t working. So, it got posted here twice. And it got posted before I was ready; I was hoping it would land in the draft queue so I could edit it with further commentary. Oh, well; live and learn.

Charleston, SC Visitor's Center A/V Display

I’m visiting Charleston, South Carolina, and was struck — from a technical perspective — on the welcome display at the entrance to the visitor’s center. If you click through to the picture on Flickr, you can see the notes associated with the various parts of the display. But, basically, it consists of a data projector back-lighting a floating screen in front of a pedestal. Mounted on the pedestal is a trackball and button that control the interactive system displaying graphics on the data projector. Mounted above the pedestal is a sound dome directing the audio to just the people below the pedestal. There are four of these at the corners of a map of historic Charleston embedded in below the surface of the floor. The result is a very airy feeling with a high degree of technical usability without the technology getting in the way.

(This post was updated on 10-Sep-2011.)