Meeting of the JPEG 2000 Interest Group on Jan 12th in Philadelphia

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Saturday, January 12th from 1:30pm to 3:30pmj2kIG Meeting at Chestnut room in the Radisson Plaza hotel

The JPEG2000 Interest Group of LITA will be holding a business meeting to discuss plans for a program at the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim in June. Anyone with an interest in the use of JPEG2000 in Archives and Libraries is welcome to attend the meeting, whether or not you are a member of LITA.


  1. Finalize plans for program at ALA Annual in Anaheim
  2. Interest group renewal and solicitation for an IG chair
  3. Information sharing about projects, issues, successes/failures

Proposed ALA Annual Program Details

This is the text that was submitted to and accepted by the LITA Program Planning Committee.

Proposed Program Title: Archiving in Practice with JPEG2000

Program Restrictions (i.e., speaker date restrictions, conflict times, etc.): None at this time

Program Day and Time:

Tentative Program Description (75 words or less): The topic is surrounding the use of JPEG2000 as an archival format. Part of the presentation would be on the use of JPEG2000 as an archival format, timed to follow the release of an in-depth study on this topic by Stephen Abrahams, Stephen Chapman, and John Kuntz for the IS&T conference in the fall. Participants in the IG meeting would like to see this perspective balanced with a speaker offering considerations on why one should choose not to adopt the standard. Another part of the program would be on the process for considering the adoption of the JPEG2000 file format in practice, perhaps someone from the Library of Congress related to the NDNP project. A third component of the program would be from a vendor and/or open source tool user on the available toolsets and what to consider when adopting the new file format. [This more extensive description is offered in leu of an in-person meeting with PPC. It will be trimmed for the published program copy.]

Target Audience and Estimated Size: Digital library practitioners, archivists; approximately 150-200 in attendance

Possible program track (identify 1, 2 and 3 choices):
1st choice: Digital Information & Technologies
Subtrack: n/a
2nd choice: Transformation & Innovations
Subtrack: n/a
3rd choice: Collection Management & Technical Services
Subtrack: Digital Collection Development