Bibliography of Christensen’s “Disruptive Technology” on Libraries and Higher Education

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Over the course of 2005 I've become more attuned with Clayton Christensen's model of Disruptive Technology and how it explains events shaping academic libraries (and other types of libraries, for that matter) and higher education in general. Below is the bibliography I've collected on this topic
to this point.
If you're just starting in this area, I'd recommend a top-down reading. (Unless you want to start with the 2-hour audio book version of Christensen's first work. That is how I started and I found it to be a remarkably gentle yet powerful introduction to his concepts.)

If you find anything else along these lines, please let me know -- I'd
like to keep growing this bibliography.

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Sustaining and Disruptive technologies from a higher-education
holistic view as well as academic libraries.

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Focused on academic libraries.

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In Christensen's own words -- take care if forwarding this to deans
of business schools.

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