HitchHikr Page for ALA 2007 Annual Conference

Following in the footsteps of last year’s annual conference and the midwinter meeting earlier this year, there is now a conference tracking page on the HitchHikr service for the 2007 Annual Conference in Washington DC. The URL for the tracker is:


From this one page, you’ll be able to discover blog postings and Flickr pictures related to the meeting. If you have a blog of your own, be sure to add the ‘ala2007’ tag to your postings so they will be picked up by HitchHikr. (If your blog software doesn’t offer tagging capabilities, just put this piece of HTML code — <a href="http://technorati.com/tag/ala2007" rel="tag">ala2007</a> — anywhere in the body of your blog posting.) If you post pictures to Flickr, assign the tag ‘ala2007’ and HitchHikr will find them. Share this information with bloggers and Flickr users to maximize the usefulness of our HitchHikr page!

Blogging About Open Repositories 2007? Use the ‘icor2007’ tag.

Are you blogging the Open Repositories conference in San Antonio this week? Are you posting pictures to Flickr?

if so, may I suggest using the ‘icor2007’ tag when posting your content. When doing so, the HitchHikr service will aggregate content from Technorati and Flickr based on that tag. (Why not simply “or2007”? — it looks like that tag picks up extra cruft in a non LATIN-1 character set.)