Could We Do What They Are Doing?

Applying the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Model to Libraries

UWindsor ILS Symposium • 15-Nov-2006

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What Is Service Oriented Architecture?

In Summary...

It's not about It's about
a programming language or network protocol an architecture for designing systems
large applications discrete business processes
starting over reuse
only "web services" web services as a means to an end
proprietary systems standards and open protocols

It's About an Architecture for Designing Systems

It's About Discrete Business Processes

It's About Reuse

It's About Web Services as a Means to an End

It's About Standards and Open Protocols

Why Should I Care?

'The ILS Market Implodes! Film at 11...'

Can We Afford Not To Care?

The Alternatives

What Might a Library SOA Look Like?

Ground Rules

From Brian Lavoie, et al. "A Service Framework for Libraries"

The Business Processes of a Traditional ILS

Traditional and Non-traditional Services for Discovering Content

Traditional and Non-traditional Services for Describing Content

Non-traditional Uses of Traditional ILS Functions

  • Discovering Content
  • Describing Content
  • Borrowing Physical Item
  • Get New Content
  • Institutional Repositories and Electronic Portfolios
  • Metasearch
  • E-learning and Course Management Systems
  • Making Content Discoverable Through External Agents

Non-Traditional Locations of Traditional and Non-Traditional ILS Functions

Who Else Is Talking About This?

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Who Else Is Talking About This? (Articles)

Who Else Is Talking About This? (Projects)

Who Else Is Talking About This? (Projects)

Who Else Is Talking About This? (Projects)

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