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Processing Raw Fedora Objects

1 minute read

Michael J. Giarlo wrote a very nice summary of my FEDORA trilogy (only three parts so far -- I think there are more good things to say about FEDORA; and besi...

Thinking about Our Fedora Disseminators

5 minute read

Another reason to consider the FEDORA digital object repository system, if having the ability to put all of your content in one place and reducing the comple...

Fedora plus Sakai: A view from 30,000 feet

6 minute read

Please note: the living, editable version of this document is now on Sakai's Confluence in the "Resources" project area. Edited by Peter Murray, OhioLINK. ...

OhioLINK’s Google Summer of Code ideas

10 minute read

Student applications for the Google Summer of Code program are being accepted starting on May 1st. In preparation for that date, OhioLINK has finished up it...

“Have you seen AccessMyLibrary?”

3 minute read

I got a note recently from a colleague with the subject "Have you seen AccessMyLibrary?": This is a Thomson Gale new thing: