Want to buy a can opener?

1 minute read

This has to be among the weirdest pieces of unsolicited mail I've ever received. Nigerian prince? That is so yesterday. Virtual pharmacy? Too much effort...

Rocks and Roles

1 minute read

Rebecca has rocks in her head and they are not coming out. This will not be a post on library technology.

Passion Quilt Meme: Take Time to Wonder

less than 1 minute read

I found this meme via Karen Schneider's entry. Although I wasn't explicitly tagged, I thought it was interesting enough to add an entry to the meme's Flikr...

Same Cubicle, New Title, New Challenges

1 minute read

Here is a bit of personal news to report. Tom Sanville, OhioLINK's executive director, announced today that I am changing roles at OhioLINK. Here is what h...

Child Rearing Through HTTP Status Codes

1 minute read

Long time readers of DLTJ know that I rarely post commentary outside the realm of disruptive library technology to this blog, much less reflections of person...