NISO Workshop Exploring the Discovery Layer; March 27-28, 2008; Chapel Hill, NC

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NISO is conducting a workshop later this month called Next Generation Discovery: New Tools, Aging Standards. The workshop is described this way: "Discovering scholarly information and data is essential for research and use of the content that the information community is producing and making available. The development of knowledge bases, web systems, repositories, and other sources for this information brings the need for effective discovery -- search-driven discovery and network (or browse) driven discovery -- tools to the forefront. With new tools and systems emerging, however, are standards keeping pace with the next generation of tools? What's coming up and where might standards fit to assist in this arena? The forum will include both a look at the current state of discovery tools and at new visions of what these tools might look like in the next several years."

I am privileged to be on the agenda for a session on the second day called "Discovery Tools and the OPAC." A foundational element of the talk is an earlier DLTJ post that categorized ways OPACs can be enhanced. The full abstract is:

A great deal of the discussion surrounding new discovery tools in libraries involve the evolution of the end-user interface to library catalogs. Comparative information seeking services on the general web offer tools such as permalinking, tagging, and content enhancement through comments and reviews. Beginning with a taxonomy of techniques to enhance/supplement/replace the OPAC along with examples of commercial and open source solutions that demonstrate the various tools for user-contributed content.

The workshop starts with a keynote by Richard Ackerman plus presentations by Eric Schnell and Dave Munger, and Dinah Sanders from Innovative Interfaces. Early-bird registration for the workshop ends a week from today.

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