DSpace Releases

Open Source Digital Asset Management system that enables services for access, provision, stewardship and re-use of digital assets with a focus on educational and research materials.

15-Apr-2011 Version 1.7.1 announced by Lindariel Nimwen

New features include the Mirage XMLUI Theme, a faceted browse/search interface for XMLUI, backup/restore of DSpace using a generic METS-based structure, a curation administration user interface, PowerPoint text extraction, improved Google Scholar indexing on metadata and PDF content, and improved performance and scalability of DSpace. Oracle database support and a number of SWORD-related bugs were fixed

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Rating and comment from Lindariel Nimwen on 15-Jun-2011: starstarstarstarstar
This is great software. It does exactly what I need.

30-Mar-2010 Version 1.6.0 announced by user

Numerous enhancements, including enhanced statistics, an embargo feature, batch metadata editing, authority control, delegated administration, OpenSearch, a command launcher, OAI-PMH harvesting of items from remote repositories, configurable OAI-PMH Dublin Core output, If-Modified-Since / Last-Modified header support in XMLUI, improved logging, batch imports and exports from zip files, and the ability to set legal jurisdiction in creative commons licensing

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16-Jul-2009 Version 1.5.2 announced by user

This release adds support for the sword standard version 1.3. It upgrades Cocoon to version 2.2. It fixes UTF-8 issues with the XMLUI. It adds Hierarchical LDAP and Shibboleth authentication methods. It adds German, Italian, Ukrainian, Greek, and Thai translations.

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