What Happens When History Fights Back — A Review of “11/22/63: A Novel” by Stephen King

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Pluck a string and it vibrates. As it vibrates there are points along the string where it is absolutely still. Pluck a companion string and sometimes those points line up. If you pull that string tighter there are more points of stillness and a greater chance that points will line up. If you pull it too tight, it snaps.

Test Driving Lumifi

Earlier this week, Lumifi Inc. announced a new version of their research platform “to better serve students, professionals and others in dealing with information overload.” Lumifi is a private corporation based in Maryland, and this is their second major release of their service. (The first was announced in January 2008.) I didn’t see the first interface so I can’t compare it to the earlier effort, but on the whole I am unimpressed. There may be some new magic happening behind the scenes here, but it is hidden in an awful interface that is very difficult to get past.