OhioLINK Joins the Google Summer of Code

[Google(tm) Open Source Program]Google is sponsoring the Summer of Code, a program designed to introduce students to the world of Open Source Software Development. OhioLINK is pleased to participate again as a mentoring organization, furthering the development of information technology in academic libraries in Ohio and around the world. We have a page on our development site describing OhioLINK’s participation and projects; take a look, augment or add your own (feel free to read the project documentation through the ‘Wiki’ link above and suggest other ideas), and apply to participate. Questions about the program? Take a look at Google’s participant FAQ. Questions about the suggested projects or about OhioLINK? Contact Peter Murray.

David Lewis in Ohio

OhioLINK was pleased to host David Lewis, Director of the Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis Library, to talk about “Disruptive Innovation and the Academic Library”. The PowerPoint of his presentation is in IUPUI’s institutional repository, and I recommend it as a gentle visual introduction to the application of Clayton Christensen’s Theory of Disruptive Innovations to the field of academic libraries. (See his earlier works for a textual introduction or consult the Jester’s bibliography.)

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