DLTJ now Running on WordPress 2.3

Last night DLTJ was upgraded to WordPress 2.3. As far as I can tell, everything is working okay, but please let me know in the comments or the comment form if something doesn’t seem right. There were two tricky parts to the upgrade. (Well, three really, if you count the tasks necessary to extract the reminants of the Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) from the theme.) Fortunately, one of them was not the upgrade itself; after abandoning the Gentoo portage ebuild for WordPress, I switched to the Subversion update method. This was the first time I did an ‘svn switch‘ to get the new version, and it worked great.

Possible Resolution to Technorati Update Problem

Up until about an hour ago, Technorati refused to update its database of postings to DLTJ, and having reached the 31-day point of no updates I was starting to wonder what to do about it. I came up with two theories for which I put in fixes to the configuration and theme setup of DLTJ, but in the end I’m not sure if either definitively provides a solution for anyone else in the same situation. In the spirit of helping out one’s neighbors, though, here are the theories and fixes. DLTJ is a standalone (e.g. not hosted) WordPress 2.0.4 installation, so YMMV.

DLTJ under a New Theme

Okay — let’s try this again. The first time around didn’t go so well, so I went back to the basics and started with a new theme: what is running on DLTJ now is a modestly modified version of Barthelme version 1.2.2 by Scott Allan Wallick. The modifications include the insertion of the Extended Live Archives plugin on the front page. I’m pretty excited about this…I think it better answers the question of why someone would want to come to the home page of a blog — not to read a reverse chronological list of the authors thoughts but a mechanism for the reader to use to drill down to what they might be looking for (whether it be by category, by tag, or chronologically). Take a look at the home page and let me know what you think.

DLTJ page rendering updated (sorry Bloglines users)

Overnight I made several changes to the layout and rendering of pages on DLTJ — both in its web presentation and in its RSS presentation. The changes were really driven by the fact that my tags were not getting picked up in Technorati because the WordPress UltimateTagWarrior plugin was not including them as expected in the RSS feed (although it was in the web presentation, which was throwing me off). And I’ve heard from some (hi, Karen!) that when I make changes to the RSS rendering that Bloglines makes it look like all of the posts have been updated. This isn’t the case — just the rendering of them has changed. You’d think that Bloglines would read the “>pubdate<” tag and figure this out for itself, but it doesn’t. So to all of the Bloglines users, you can ignore all of the “new” posts from DLTJ except for this one — the content has not changed in those earlier posts.