LC’s Adoption of Silverlight — Good Deal for Microsoft, Bad Deal for the Rest of Us

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it was giving $3 million in “funding, software, technological expertise, training and support services” to the Library of Congress to build on-site and online exhibits of LC historical collections. Others have commented on this. From a Jester’s point of view, I’ve got problems with this on two fronts: Microsoft using LC in a cheap marketing ploy and LC’s use of a new technology that impedes access for no good technical reason.

George Siemens to Provide Keynote at ODCE Conference on March 5th

Join George Siemens — a leading theorist on the implications of technology and societal trends on learning and knowledge — to examine how changing learner expectations impact educators, institutions and the process of learning. Siemens will present the opening keynote address, Connectivism: Content, Connections, Conversation, on Monday, March 5, 9:45-10:45 a.m. at the Ohio Digital Commons for Education (ODCE) Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Siemens will also do a wrap-up session on March 6 to close the conference. Register by February 8 and receive a $50 discount off the regular conference rates.