Onto the Scholar’s Desktop with Firefox Scholar

I first encounted Firefox Scholar (a.k.a. SmartFox) in a Chronicle of Higher Education article by Jeffrey Young, and noted with interest this statement in the article:

For the browser-based software to work fully, however, digital archives must format their books and articles in a way that lets it sort out where elements like title, author, and other bibliographic information reside. Some digital collections already do that, and others could make minor adjustments to comply, says Mr. Cohen.

Unfortunately, there is no reference to what changes have to be made beyond the page on CHNM’s wiki describing the project in broad terms. Has anyone else heard of anything?

Introducing Geographic Scope to Physical Collections

So I don’t know how this one slipped past me: you can link directly into Open WorldCat via an ISBN/ISSN REST-based URL.

Now any Web site can create “Find in a Library” links for specific titles. The syntax for link URLs is straightforward and keyed on common numeric identifiers.

For instance, a URL that gets directly to the ARL SPEC Kit on Patron Privacy that I wrote a number of years ago is:


Folks, it doesn’t get much easier than that. Compared to junk our OPACs are creating, that URL is absolutely gorgeous. (And it is a real URL — it doesn’t pretend to be a real URL by redirecting you to some other, perhaps messier, place. Nice work, OCLC!)