David Lewis in Ohio

OhioLINK was pleased to host David Lewis, Director of the Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis Library, to talk about “Disruptive Innovation and the Academic Library”. The PowerPoint of his presentation is in IUPUI’s institutional repository, and I recommend it as a gentle visual introduction to the application of Clayton Christensen’s Theory of Disruptive Innovations to the field of academic libraries. (See his earlier works for a textual introduction or consult the Jester’s bibliography.)

The text was modfied to update a link from https://idea.iupui.edu/handle/1805/557 to https://scholarworks.iupui.edu/handle/1805/557.

The text was modified to update a link from https://idea.iupui.edu/items-by-author?author=Lewis%2C+David+W. to https://scholarworks.iupui.edu/browse?value=Lewis%2C+David+W.&type=author.

(This post was updated on 27-Oct-2010.)