Updated Disruption in Libraries Bibliography; New Location

I’ve moved the bibliography of the theory of disruptive innovation as applied to libraries and higher education to a new location. If you are reading this posting directly from the DLTJ website, you’ll also find it linked under the “about” header as “bibliography”.

The bibliography has also been updated to include the new (to me) paper mentioned on Monday and David Lewis’ presentation to the OhioLINK directors last week.

Christensen on “Disruption in Education”

Somehow I completely missed this paper by Clayton Christensen, Sally Aaron, and William Clark from the EDUCAUSE 2001 Forum for the Future of Higher Education called, appropriately enough, “Disruption in Education.” Here is the abstract:

Clayton Christensen, Sally Aaron and William Clark, focus on the effects of disruptive technology that change competition in their field. Christensen’s theory, developed in the corporate realm, is based on the constant pursuit of excellence by both businesses and higher education institutions. As the quality of products increases, they often surpass the needs of their consumers, leaving a gap to be filled by a disruptive innovation (a product or service of lower quality or performance that more closely matches consumers’ needs). Other features make the innovation appealing as well, such as being cheaper, simpler, and more convenient to use. Early adopters of the disruptive technology or service most often are the least demanding customers in a market.

David Lewis in Ohio

OhioLINK was pleased to host David Lewis, Director of the Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis Library, to talk about “Disruptive Innovation and the Academic Library”. The PowerPoint of his presentation is in IUPUI’s institutional repository, and I recommend it as a gentle visual introduction to the application of Clayton Christensen’s Theory of Disruptive Innovations to the field of academic libraries. (See his earlier works for a textual introduction or consult the Jester’s bibliography.)

The text was modfied to update a link from https://idea.iupui.edu/handle/1805/557 to https://scholarworks.iupui.edu/handle/1805/557.

The text was modified to update a link from https://idea.iupui.edu/items-by-author?author=Lewis%2C+David+W. to https://scholarworks.iupui.edu/browse?value=Lewis%2C+David+W.&type=author.