Where have all the programmers gone? Taking command of our destiny

What follows is pure conjecture; I did not live through the time in question, I can only speculate based on biased evidence and anecdotal hearsay. This is a blog, after all, right? Feedback is welcome.

Where have all the flowers gone? /
Long time passing /
Where have all the flowers gone? /
Long time ago /
Where have all the flowers gone? /
Girls have picked them every one /
When will they ever learn? /
When will they ever learn?1

To BPEL or not to BPEL, quite a good question

OhioLINK is actively looking at BPEL as an option for workflow orchestration for the DRC project. I was asked recently about that choice, especially in light of a preliminary report from another team looking to use Fedora in a manner similar to the DRC. The preliminary report has not been published (I’ll update this posting when it is), and the organization involved is intentionally not mentioned here. Their questions, though, do allow for an opportunity to explain some of my own thinking on the topic.

Alternate (Open) Peer Review Model

At some point the DRC will need a generalized peer review system.  Although I’m not sure we will use OAI-PMH to shepherd the results around various systems, there are som good ideas here about how to create an open peer review system.

The Convergence of Digital-Libraries and the Peer-Review Process
Authors: Marko A. Rodriguez, Johan Bollen, Herbert Van de Sompel
Journal of Information Science [in press]